Spirit of HIMSS Award

Established in 2003, the Spirit of HIMSS award recognizes members monthly who exemplify the mission of HIMSS through their recent volunteer efforts within the society. The award is given to a member or group of members every month, at the discretion of the HIMSS Award Selection Committee.

HIMSS utilizes awards to recognize the special contributions of individuals, groups and organizations to the advancement of the healthcare profession as encompassed by the HIMSS mission. These special contributions may vary widely due to the diverse membership of HIMSS and the broad definition of the healthcare profession represented in our mission.

Nominees must be a HIMSS member or HIMSS-sanctioned group in good standing.

The Nomination Process:
• Recommendations are solicited from any member
• Staff collects all nominations, which are due the 25th of each month
• Formal nominations are submitted to HIMSS Service Award Committee  for recipient selection and winners are announced the 1st the following month.

The Spirit of HIMSS Award consists of:
• Certificate and Symbol of Recognition
• Publication of information in an official HIMSS publication

Nomination Procedures 
• The principle criterion for the award will be a recent contribution to HIMSS vs. a long-term sustained commitment (which can be recognized through other available awards).
• The Selection Committee will recognize as many nominees as are merited each month. The Committee will not compare and contrast nominees; each application will be reviewed based on its own merit.
• Nominations for committees, task forces, or work groups will be reviewed based on the contributions of the group as a whole, and not on the efforts of individuals within the group.
Provide a biographical sketch of why this individual or group is deserving of the award: