C-CDA:  Stories of Success, Challenges and Lessons Learned

HIMSS Health Story Project is collecting real-life Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) implementation stories that demonstrate direct impact on your organization and patient care from the viewpoint of implementation teams, clinicians and the staff's unique experiences.  Please review the C-CDA story requirements and complete the following survey describing your successes, challenges or lessons learned.

Once submitted, the Health Story Project Leadership Council will review all of the entries and will extend several invitations to individuals to present their experiences on future FY17 Health Story Project Roundtables.

If you have any questions, please contact Mari Greenberger, Director of Informatics, at HIMSS at mgreenberger@himss.org or (312) 915-9201.

C-CDA Implementation Story Requirements:
  • C-CDA implementation stories must have been implemented in the U.S.
  • C-CDA implementation stories should demonstrate both processing of human readable text and machine readable entries.
  • Stories should include implementations of the C-CDA document templates or other CDA templates.

Survey for Interested Presenters:
Please take a moment to answer the following questions if you are intersted in sharing a presentation on a future Health Story Project Roundtable call.

*Summarize your integration problem statement and describe the problem from an interoperability standpoint. Why did you decide to implement C-CDA?
*What was the outcome of your implementation?  Describe in a short paragraph the qualitative and quantitative benefits achieved.