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In addition to the application form, please attach the following items at the end of the application.  You can upload up to seven files but each must be on a separate object. NOTE: Your application will NOT be processed until all necessary information is received. 

Allowed file type(s):   .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .txt

1. Current job description
2. Organizational chart, with position circled
3. Proof of highest degree, if applicable
4. Proof of current certification credential, if applicable
5. Letter of recommendation from current HIMSS Fellow outside of your current workplace (If applying for Fellow)
6. Letter of recommendation from CxO (optional)
Remember to make a copy of your entire application and all other materials for your records. Your application is not considered complete nor will be sent for approval until all materials are received by HIMSS staff.  Or you may send electronically to:

Personal Information

*I am applying for:
*Mailing Address
US/Canada: 402-555-1212 or Outside US: +61 3 1234-5678