Startups apply to VentureConnect Helsinki 2020

*Brief description of the health care challenge you are tackling (max. 80 words)
*Brief description of your solution and unique value proposition (max. 150 words)
*Countries where your solution is currently deployed or used, if applicable (max. 150 words)
*Describe any clinical evidence (max. 80 words)
*If you are looking for follow up funding please describe your previous investments to date. (How much for each round? With whom? How are shares/equity distributed? (max. 100 words)
*Describe the company's revenues and their evolution - or any other metrics showing commercial traction* (Average yearly/monthly revenues? % of recurring revenues vs. one-off contracts? Number of users/subscribers? Number of implementations or pilots? Any other metrics showing momentum in consumer engagement?) (max. 150 words)
*What would you consider the best exit strategy for your investors?* (Please include comparable deals already executed in the sector) (max. 50 words)
*How much are you looking for? To do what? (max. 50 words)
*Current discussions with investors for this round (max. 50 words)
*Upload your presentation/pitch deck (powerpoint or pdf preferable)

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