Women in Health IT 2019

Women in Health IT

HIMSS Europe has a large number of women members, readers and subscribers. Many hold senior positions in the public and private sector, and many have made enormous contributions to advancing healthcare through better use of technology. Yet there is little in the way of formal recognition of their achievements and few information services available to help them navigate their profession. HIMSS Europe believes that a significant opportunity exists to serve this growing, engaged community with relevant, timely content and networking events, focused on career development and recognition of contributions women leaders are making in healthcare IT.
HIMSS Europe is conducting a short survey to determine what challenges women in healthcare IT face and what opportunities they have leveraged along their career path. By understanding the issues and needs, HIMSS Europe will be in a strategic position to develop these services, which help women further empower themselves as leaders in healthcare IT.

*What professional title best describes your current position:
*Please identify your work site:
*How many years have you been in the healthcare IT industry:
*In your opinion, is there enough recognition of the contributions women executives have made to our industry?
*In terms of salary, in which annual scales can you be placed?
*Does your workplace support and/or promote diversity, including gender?
If yes, please identify what practices are in place in your workplace. (Check all that apply.)
*Have you ever felt gender discrimination in the work place?
If yes, please identify what problems you encountered. (Check all that apply.)
How would you deal or how have you dealt with being discriminated against because of your gender?