Welcome to the HIMSS AsiaPac18 Call for Speakers exercise!

We're looking forward to receiving your submissions. Some items to note:

1) Please submit your paper based on the track that best represents your project

2) Please only submit one paper per track

3) You may submit more than one submission
*Select the track you're submitting your paper for
*Short biography
  • Describe your current role
  • Notable achievements (if any)
  • Past related experience
*Public speaking experience
  • Include links to videos/audio (if any)
  • Describe topic/issue that will be presented and how it was identified
  • Describe approaches/improvements designed to address the topic/issue
  • Changes your organization needed to make in order for improvements
  • Measurement of improvement
  • Describe benefits to organization or patients
  • Describe challenges encountered
  • Describe problem intervention process
*Learning objectives (List 3)
*Conclusion or message to others